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Need an independent graphic designer to help you define how you share yourself and your brand online?

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Graphic designers can do a lot of things, but over the last few decades as an artist I’ve developed three interconnected specialties: brand identity design, website development to showcase your brand, and product development to add value in what your brand can offer your customers.

Jessica Nida & family
Welcome to my circus, these are my monkeys.

Collaborating with passionate people full of heart and purpose is very important to me. If that’s you and your brand or company, I’d love to help transform your ideas and dreams into a platform from which you can change the world.

With my help, we can take your idea, creation, or business and build an entire scalable, professional ecosystem around it as simple or as big as you can dream of!

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I work with clients around the world remotely, currently based out of Stockholm, Sweden. As an American living all over the world from Osaka Japan to Oklahoma City, getting to know and learn from such a wide variety of people about their history, art, and culture has become a great passion of mine. This has led me take a global view in my work, designing inclusively to communicate across borders, traditions, and languages.

Once upon a time I made video games played by millions of people like DOOM, Star Wars, & The Walking Dead as both a 3D and FX artist. I actually have a Master’s degree in game development from Southern Methodist University. I gave talks and taught classes on how to make games and get into the game industry.

A few of my games even won pretty major awards.

But sometimes finally achieving what you think you want in life can be a funny experience. I sacrificed a lot to reach what I thought was my dream job, only to realize that professional success didn’t always equal a dream life.

And so I learned three very important lessons:

  • How to align what you want with what you truly need
  • How to find not only the best path, but the path best for you
  • How what you won’t sacrifice defines you as much as what you like and what you create

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