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The upcoming reboot of  the DOOM series features a built-in tool, DOOM SnapMap which allows players to build custom maps, create their own game modes, and share their creations with the online community.

“Escalation Studios is working with id Software on DOOM SnapMap.”

At this time, all further information is still under NDA (non-disclosure agreements). Please be patient. This page will be updated after restrictions are lifted and more information is allowed to be revealed.

All images used on this site are from publicly available sources. I am using them solely as an example of the quality and feel of the game I was a part of, as well as to show a fraction of the work I did on this project. I do not take credit for the work contained here as a whole but instead fully acknowledge it being the result of a collaborative effort. I am definitely not the primary source of these images and make no claims to any rights to copyrighted material beyond using it as an example of my work in this, my personal portfolio.

  • styled levels to create player interest
  • created 3D environments to match established art styles
  • created 3D object library for users to customize their levels
  • set up lighting to establish mood
  • guide players through levels using environmental clues
  • use FX & lighting in a realistic way
  • Developer: id Software
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Console(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Genre: FPS