Personal brand development for myself now as a Graphic Designer, and previously as Video Game 3D & FX Artist with over a decade of experience making games like DOOM, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, DefJam Rapstar, Orcs Must Die: The Boardgame, Wrangled!, and many, many more.

Since I get a lot of compliments on my site from a lot of lovely people, here seemed the best place to answer the frequent question of “Where did you get your site?” and the common followup:

Can you make me a website like yours?

Let’s get started!

Project(s) include everything you see on this site & more.

  • Avatar
  • Personal logo / wordmark lockup
  • Tagline / Strap-line
  • Voice
  • Typography
  • Graphic Style
  • Image Strategy

  • Setup
  • Site design
  • Front page layout
  • Resume
  • About page
  • Eeeeeeeeeee-rythang