Step in front of the Kinect camera and into the Star Wars universe as a Jedi, a podracer, or a Rancor.


  • guide players through levels using environmental FX clues
  • use FX & lighting in a realistic way
  • add a natural feel to alien worlds by creating environmental & ambient FX, such as insect life & waterfalls
  • create FX for attacks, weapon use
  • communicate performance feedback to player through FX
  • Research & develop a cast of characters for dance mode.
  • Research, model, texture, light, & build FX for movie-accurate Jabba’s palace.
  • Maintain a source material fidelity to pass Lucas’s very rigorous cannon overseers.
  • Place 3D & FX assets in levels.
  • Lighting & skyboxes.
  • Create building assets for Tatooine.
  • design UI prototypes
  • Create & implement initial UI themes for dance mode


Working on Star Wars was a childhood dream come true.

Getting Force lightning just right, modeling out Jabba’s audience chamber for a dance level, and making strange alien plant life that secretes a gravity defying blue goo feel like just a realistic part of the scenery is all in a day’s work.

This project gave me a chance to experience a wide variety of FX types- from environmental to weapons to system/UI indicators. I made steam, fire, forcefields & energy barriers, lightening, UI FX, & a whole host of insect life.

My two proudest achievements are all the waterfalls in Yoda’s grotto and the burning ceilings on Kashyyyk with fire and debris raining down on the player’s head.

  • Developer: Terminal Reality
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Console(s): Xbox 360 + Kinect
  • Producer(s): Microsoft & Lucas Arts