TUG is a great experiment – a game that uses procedural generation to build a giant world where players can explore unique vistas & discover lore and adventure unscripted. With a bevy of scientists shaping the design & studying the data that results, TUG is designed to be responsive- even going so far as to put the game in our player’s hands as soon as we had a reliable build so that they could follow it’s evolution from the early days of alpha far into TUG’s future version.

In TUG I was Senior Artist & mentor to a team of 4 junior artists, as well as assisting the art director with directing the concept artists on art style & game needs.I was also the FX lead on an engine we were building ourselves with a particle system so new it had just officially come online the same week I started.

So I got to direct the development of the tech handling the FX system & our art assets. No art tools to be seen here – all the work was done old school in txt files.

I made environmental FX, fire, steam, smoke, destruction FX, bubbling pots, so much plant & insect life, wind debris, etc.

I created UI assets & icons, & modeled lots & lots of plants, crystals, trees, fruit, character hair, tools, weapons, & lots more.

  • create & script all FX
  • design brand new, custom FX system & tools
  • work with programming team to implement & refine FX system
  • help design lighting system
  • anchor lights & FX to be usable in procedurally generated world
  • manage & mentor directly the environmental artists
  • oversee the animators & concept artists
  • help create the game’s look & feel
  • define/design lore elements as relating to art style
  • maintain & grow my social presence, in lieu & supplement of marketing
  • create promotional art & assets
  • generally assist Art Director in his absence
  • design, create & texture paint 3D world assets such as trees, plants, food, tools
  • concept, model, texture, hair & it’s game play needs
  • lighting
  • create UI elements
  • design & drive the development of the particle system
  • develop & maintain the art asset pipeline

Developer: Nerd Kingdom
Early Access Alpha: 2013
Console(s): PC (Steam)
Genre: Sandbox RPG Exploration / PVP / Crafting