What choices do you make when the world goes to hell? Step into the shoes of Darrel Dixon as you fight to survive both the dead and the living.


  • Created 5-6 original in-game brands
  • Created branded products for fictional in-game brands
  • Created in-game promotional materials for fictional brands
  • Environmental FX (waterfalls, rain, fog, drips, etc)
  • Life FX (flies, fireflies, moths, grasshoppers, circling buzzards)
  • Special FX (fires, explosions, smoke, sparks, weapon FX)
  • Place FX in levels
  • Create ruined 3D asset sets for use across multiple levels
  • Paint model textures to reflect a dilapidated world
  • Place 3D assets in levels
  • AI pathing
  • Lighting
  • Skyboxes
  • Materials & Shaders (including water & fire)

My favorite FX to create focused on the little details that add realism to the world. Things like dripping faucets someone hadn’t completely turned off, swarms of flies as the trash and bodies pile up, buzzards circling overhead- these are the small moments that sold a world overrun by reanimated Walkers.  My goal with these brief flashes of interrupted humanity was to make the undead feel as much like unnatural interlopers as they did in the show, and underline for the player the surreality of their situation. By adding life to an otherwise eerily still world we showed the player that anything could happen, at any time.

I’m especially proud of the technical work I did to create a realistic 3D grasshopper FX. Growing up exploring & fishing in backcountry very similar to that in Walking Dead, grasshoppers suddenly jumping up in the player’s face felt like a natural element that until then we’d been missing because of the technical challenge it presented back then.

By spawning a 3D actor with a rotating short lived FX attached to it & a shifted pivot, I managed to create a grasshopper with fluttering wings that jumped multiple times through the tall grass of our game. Later I saw my FX specifically called out in an article by a reviewer who had appreciated being startled by the unassuming insect.

  • Developer: Terminal Reality
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Console(s): AMC & Activision
  • Xbox 360, PS3, & PC AMC & Activision